9 Jan


  1. Step One Initial Consultation – We go over the issues arising in the divorce. You will receive a contract. It will be up to you, after the consultation if you would like to go with us or not.

  2. Step Two Document Preparation Consultation, initial retainer due, we will prepare the initial paperwork to start the divorce process. If documents must be signed by the other party those will be prepared and a plan to get them cheap hockey jerseys signed by the other party will be devised.

  3. Signing Drop-Off If documents were to be signed by the other party we receive those documents and prepare for submission to the court. Any court costs is due at this time.

  4. Case Filed – Case is filed with the court. Depending on the court this may be done by mail, personal drop off, or electronic filing submission.

  5. Service РAs in any lawsuit, the court must serve the Defendant the complaint. This is usually done through certified mail (though in Cuyahoga County they try Fedex First). If there is a failure of the Certified Mail, then the court upon our instruction shall send the documents by first class mail (except in Cuyahoga County where if the Fed Ex mailing fails then it is by Certified Mail, and then first class mail). If we do not know the current whereabouts of the Spouse then we may provide notice by Publication or Posting. If we have a waiver of service, then that document meets the service requirement. For Cuyahoga County’s Course Click This Link.

  6. If children are involved in the case then attending the parenting course.– This is a two hour course about parenting during and after the divorce process. It is required in all domestic cases where there are children. The court will not grant a divorce in many cases if the Plaintiff does not complete the court. If the Defendant fails to complete the course they are usually unable to enforce parenting rights till they complete the course.

  7. After the complainant is served, the Defendant has 28 days to respond to the complaint by filing an answer. If an answer is filed then follow the Contested Divorce Steps. If an Answer is not filed then follow Uncontested Divorce Steps.