10 Jan


  1. Receipt of notice of uncontested hearing – The court will automatically assign a hearing upon good service and passage of the time for an answer. YOU WILL NEED TO ATTEND THIS HEARING. In addition, if you do not expect that your spouse will attend the hearing, then you will need to bring a witness to testify to the grounds for your divorce.

  2. Pre-approval process of the divorce decree -Prior to the hearing I file the final paperwork regarding the divorce. For most counties this is done on the day of the hearing. For Cuyahoga County, I will go to the courthouse prior to the hearing to get the documents pre-approved.

  3. Attending the hearingAGAIN YOU MUST ATTEND THE HEARING. We will have the paperwork signed at that point. If your spouse is not coming THEN YOU MUST BRING A WITNESS. Failure to bring a witness will result in the case being rescheduled. There will be a hearing with the judge or the magistrate and at that point the decree will be signed. UNCONTESTED FEE DUE AT THIS POINT.

  4. Receipt of Divorce Decree -Depending on the county, you may be able to get your decree on the day of your hearing. If you’re hearing officer was a magistrate then the judge will still need to sign the document. In most counties you will receive a certified copy of the decree in the mail (in Cuyahoga County they will likely email the copy to you).